Dugans Sports Performance | Design Revamp (About Us) (M)
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Design Revamp (About Us) (M)


DSP has a driving goal to help the serious athlete achieve their highest potential by combining sports specific programs and functional training that will enhance all areas of athletic performance. Understanding that movement transcends all sports, DSP’s comprehensive training methods are designed for the most effective approach of optimizing movement, speed, strength, power, balance, functional flexibility, core stability, explosion and recovery.

By offering specific programs designed to get specific results and training athletes beyond what they have already done, we stimulate growth in their athletic performance. The emphasis starts with building a solid foundation of functional strength.




Starting with an efficient position, the athlete is challenged to maintain the correct posture and stability while adding small movements and resistance. Resistance can be a stability ball, medicine ball, or anything that can be added as an external force. Once the foundation has been established, we can break the athlete down into sport specific lifting, speed, and agility programs that will help the athlete reach a higher level of competition. These programs were designed and developed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s athlete, an athlete who strives for an edge on the competition.




“I’m Matt Dugan and I started DSP about 9 years ago. At #TeamDSP we don’t put the emphasis on huge PR’s or aesthetics. We value effort, dedication, and accountability. We have a driving goal to educate our athletes in the gym and help them understand how their bodies function. When you step into DSP, you are treated as family and not just another client. While athletic improvement is a high priority, the ultimate goal is that each client leaves a better person as well. We know that life along with athletics can be tough, so we build grit and mental toughness first and foremost. Teaching an unrivaled work ethic will help carry our clients further than they could ever imagine. Shaping today’s athletes into tomorrow’s champions is our stated goal, and this empowers us to operate a little differently.”


“As a strength/performance coach, you never stop improving your craft. At DSP, I have been able to learn many different things that can help improve all aspects of training for athletes, regardless of their level. On top of learning from the trainers at DSP, being a year out of college has allowed me to implement the most recent exercise research into training regimens. Utilizing both, I believe that I can provide knowledge and insight on

improving athletes in all aspects of fitness, such as balance, coordination, speed, power, and strength. Personal training for the non-athlete is also a focus. I have had several clients, male and female, come in with a personal goal towards bettering themselves. Together, we can reach goals and create new ones. I believe surpassing the mainstream style of training and helping people achieve their fitness aspirations. Make the commitment. Get the results.”


“I have a strong desire to help athletes take their game to the next level. Game like drills and situations to improve the athletes instincts are what I have found to be the most beneficial teaching tools. Using certain drills and in-game situations combined with positive encouragement, #DSPHoops athletes will have the proper foundation to take their game to the elite level. “


“I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach at DSP for five years. I’ve worked with the novice athlete, and the experienced and professional athlete. While the athletes’ skill levels or experiences may vary, one thing remains constant – my love and passion for helping athletes attain their desired goals and dreams. I want you to win! Moreover, I want you to dominate! I will provide each athlete with training

techniques that, when coupled with hard work, are proven to enhance balance, flexibility, strength, and, ultimately, athletic performance. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I will encourage each athlete to persevere – to perform that extra repetition; to run just a little bit harder; and to hold on just a little bit longer. Let’s outwork the competition! Welcome to #TeamDSP.”


“I am a sports performance and strength coach at DSP with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University. I enjoy helping people realize and work towards their full potential to become balanced, functionally moving athletes. Focusing on the finer details, complimented with physically and mentally demanding

workloads, enables people to step out of their comfort zones while harnessing their athletic potential. We do things differently here for a reason because we want to see progress. I am privileged to train at DSP and I will do my very best to push each athlete to new levels. Let’s get better together!”