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Dugan’s Sports Performance

DSP has a driving goal to help the serious athlete achieve their highest potential by combining sports specific programs and functional training that will enhance all areas of athletic performance. Understanding that movement transcends all sports, DSP’s comprehensive training methods are designed for the most effective approach of optimizing movement, speed, strength, power, balance, functional flexibility, core stability, explosion and recovery.

By offering specific programs designed to get specific results and training athletes beyond what they have already done, we stimulate growth in their athletic performance. The emphasis starts with building a solid foundation of functional strength.

Kinetic chain and core deficiencies are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s athletes. The human body is characterized as the kinetic chain. The body is like a chain in the effect that if one link in a chain is weakened or dysfunctional; it will directly affect how the rest of the body reacts. A weak link in the kinetic chain can ultimately lead to serious injury if the movement pattern or weak link is not addressed and strengthened. These deficiencies or weak links can be identified by using an evaluation to assess movement patterns. Once these deficiencies are identified, DSP can work to correct and strengthen the weak links to create more efficient movement patterns. If these issues are not addressed in time, the human body will start to compensate for these weak links and thus a greater chance for injury exists.

DSP has teamed up with other professionals to create a team to help athletes in all phases of rehab to get back to competition as quickly as possible. When training with DSP; Vivek Agrawal MD, Mike Snyder Former MLB Pitcher, Shane White CSCS, and our DSP strength staff are all part of the professional team to accommodate all athletes. Whether it is a simple throwing mechanical issue, a doctor’s evaluation, surgery, or total body strengthening to ensure we prevent an injury; DSP is ready to cover all facets. DSP also has communications with other doctors to make sure whatever the problem is, it can be fixed; therefore enabling the athlete to return to the competition”

What We Do

Starting with an efficient position, the athlete is challenged to maintain the correct posture and stability while adding small movements and resistance. Resistance can be a stability ball, medicine ball, or anything that can be added as an external force.
Once the foundation has been established, we can break the athlete down into sport specific lifting, speed, and agility programs that will help the athlete reach a higher level of competition.
These programs were designed and developed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s athlete, an athlete who strives for an edge on the competition.

“When you come train with us you’re not just a number”

Upper Hand Sports Pod talks with Matt Dugan, owner and trainer at Dugan’s Sports Performance.  Dugan started DSP about 11 years ago and stresses the value effort, dedication, and accountability behind sports training. He has a driving goal to educate athletes in the gym and help them understand how their bodies function. Hear from Dugan about the importance of forming a family dynamic with clients, to improve athletic goals, but to also help athletes grow as people. Dugan also share some of the ways his training team is making the most of tech advancements including athletic performance data and video analyses.


I came to DSP as a sophomore because I wanted to be the starting tight end at Cathedral High School, and I thought DSP was the place to build my edge on the competition. I came to become a better athlete and to be pushed physically. I came for a trainer that would make me a better football player. What I received was much more than that. I moved through my athletic career from high school starter, to state champion, to college walk-on, to scholarship player, all the way to starting Big Ten tight end at Indiana University. Matt was with me every step of the way and I trusted DSP above anyone else to prepare me not only physically but mentally for all the challenges that journey entailed. Matt was a coach, motivator, role model, confidant, and incredible friend through it all, somehow always knowing what buttons he needed to push to continually help me move forward in life and football. At DSP, things are done differently. It isn’t something on a banner that is nice for parents to look at. It’s a real belief that Matt and his team refuse to sacrifice under any circumstance and something you can only know by experiencing it first hand. I credit Matt for much of my success and I recommend him exclusively. His commitment to excellence, dedication to his clients, and passion for helping others achieve their goals is unmatched. I’m blessed to be able to call him my trainer and friend.

-Anthony Corsaro aka #DSPRayLewis

Being a professional baseball player I thought I was in quality shape until I began to workout with him.  Knowing him for 15 years I went to him for help.  He helped extend a career that should’ve been done.  He takes you step by step with no short cuts.  Always a challenge and sense of accomplishment after each workout. Great person, great routines, great environment!

-Cory Wade

DSP is more than just a bunch of athletes training. It’s a family of athletes who push themselves to get better each and every workout. Getting through a DSP workout requires more mental toughness than physical strength. Being able to mentally step outside your comfort zone and push yourself to new limits is where the champion is made. 7 years ago, I was the least flexible, functional athlete you could’ve came across. Over the past 7 years I’ve been able to not only transform my body, but become a much better athlete as well. From being an average high school player, to winning a National Championship in college, to being selected #1 overall in the Canadian draft, my biggest strides not only came in my skill level and the way my body changed due to DSP, but the way I could mentally battle myself. I learned how to attack workouts mentally, and that’s what translated more than any skill I’d learned through sports.

-Jordan Weidner

When I started working out w/ Matt my junior year of high school, I was your typical above average high-school athlete. I was extremely gifted but I lacked direction. I thought I had a clue but in reality I had been able to get by on God-given ability. Matt taught me how to work. He taught me what the grind was all about. He made me want to be in the gym. He has always shot me straight & he always made sure my ego was in check. Working out w/ Matt has always been something I look forward to — it is a place I can be myself. While Matt is a trainer by trade, he’s also a brother & a mentor to me as well. I would recommend to any young athlete ready to take their game & life to the next level — to get in the gym w/ DSP. It showed me the way & I can promise you that DSP will get you right too!!

If you’re scared — get a dog!!

-Jared Miller

Over time, as an athlete, we are always facing the challenges of  self improvement, physically and mentally, on a constant basis. In order to be successful, constant evolution is a must. DSP not only makes sure growth takes place for athletes physically, but it also prepares athletes for the adversity on and off the field of play. Besides rejuvinating my football career, DSP has helped recreate my outlook on not only training, but on life itself. You workout to not just play in a game, but to impact the game. To me, this is what DSP has allowed me to do. I couldn’t be more thankful for the challenges the trainers put me through in the weight room and on the field. It is because of DSP that the 4th quarter feels like the 1st half.
-Max Davis

Working out with DSP is an honor. The staff, the facilities, and the commitment to help athletes get better is unfathomable. I am currently entering my 10th year in a row working out with Matt and his program. I have seen nothing but positive results over the past decade. A decade. Not many athletes are blessed to work out at a high level for a specific sport and even fewer have the relationship that Matt Dugan and I share. I am currently a pitcher in the Miami Marlins organization and went to the University of Texas. My durability, in-season strength, and consistency is a result of DSP’s strength and conditioning program. The program as a whole has evolved into a product that consistently pumps out results. Although open to change or new and improved exercises, the strength program will always have its core principles. I appreciate Matt Dugan as a strength coach and a person. He truly cares about us athletes and he always builds positive relationships with each and every one of us. Over the years he has kept me in check on a physical level to prepare myself for the upcoming season, and during the grind of a summer he would make sure that work outs were being completed and that I was performing at a maximum level. There is one reason I come home to train in Indiana, and that reason is Matt Dugan. He and his staff are flexible and it is always the athlete first. Matt taught me safe and explosive movements that lead to maximum results. If you are looking for trainers that know what they are doing with a program that is safe and more importantly one that produces RESULTS, DSP is where you want to train. I will continue working out with the best the Midwest has to offer until I finish up my career. No one can argue with results and that is what you will get working out with this elite staff and renowned program.

Thank you Matt and DSP.


-Dillon Peters

“DSP is incredible. Matt Dugan is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. His workouts vary from week to week and they target every part of your body. I would recommend him to any aspiring athlete.”

James Hurst