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“Morgan Hagee has trained with Matt for over 7 years. Morgan is now an early entrant Freshman at Ball State University having earned a scholarship to play football as a kicker/punter. Matt and DSP has played an integral role in Morgan’s success and overall development as an athlete!”

For the past 4 years, our son, Max, has had the privilege of training at Dugan Sports Performance.  Before entering college, Max completely transformed his body by increasing strength, speed, and endurance to execute the high demands of playing at the Division 1 level.  Max easily transitioned from high school to Big 10 football with the principles incorporated by DSP.  DSP utilizes similar concepts, philosophies, and training techniques as Max’s current strength and conditioning coach at UMD.  The energetic, passionate, and personable staff at DSP are encouraging and make each training session challenging but rewarding.  DSP’s commitment to teaching proper fitness techniques, discipline, and positive mindset helped make Max’s dreams achievable.  Any athlete who is serious about overall athletic performance should consider training at Dugan Sports Performance.
Larry and Michelle Bortenschlager

“From the very first workout, you begin to feel a difference. Matt does a phenomenal job getting athletes prepared. I reached levels in the weight room in one winter that I thought I wouldn’t get to. Matt works with a lot of the top athletes in central Indiana and there is a reason for it. Doing the DSP workouts not only gets you bigger, stronger, faster, but it also increases your flexibility and functionality on the field. No matter what the sport, Matt will adjust your workout routine to fit the needs of the athlete. In one workout, you workout with a high school athlete, college athlete, or even a professional athlete. It is a great environment and a lot of fun to workout with the DSP training staff. DSP is no doubt the way to go if you are trying to improve your game.”

“I began training with Matt during my freshman year of high school. Over the past five years I have been going back to “get in” the workouts with DSP at every possible oppurtunity. Matt is able to push his athletes to new levels that other trainers are not capable of doing. He gets the best out of his clients and pushes them to achieve success. He is very organized and maintains good communication with parents and his athletes. Matt’s workouts are sport specific. He is able to adjust the workout in a way that helps the individuals needs. Working out with DSP helped me get to the next level. Without his help I would not be where I am today. Not many trainers are able to say that they go through the workout with their athletes. Matt is able to do this, so the saying “practice what you preach” applies, which says a lot about Matt as a trainer. I recommend Matt and DSP for any athlete that wants to become a better athlete and at some point make it at the next level.”

Patrick Paligraf

Cathedral Graduate

Xavier University Starting Third Basemen

“I would recommend Matt Dugan to any aspiring athlete or individual who wants to reach new heights in sports and physical fitness. Matt provides a safe path where training is challenging yet manageable in a safe manner. His first priority is safety and always stresses technique before adding more weight. This training method is perfect for a young athlete who is in the process of learning how to train the correctly. His sessions are sport specific that works specifically on necessary elements that are needed to maximize potential. Matt will do everything and more to ensure your success on and off the field. As people we tend to have our own agendas for everything we do. In Matt’s case his agenda is based off the client’s needs and he is very agreeable in providing a program that fits the needs of the individual. As a client and friend of Matt, he has always been there for me during both the happy and rough times and I know that he will always be there to support me.”

Conrad Gregor

Carmel Graduate

Midland Redskins Summer Team

University of Vanderbilt Baseball Player

“I began training with Matt early in my freshman year of high school. His efforts alone have not only strengthened me, but have prepared me extremely well for the college level. Matt’s style of training is very unique and sport specific, providing challenging workouts pushing athletes to new levels, getting them in the best shape possible. I play baseball at Xavier University and would not have been able to get this far without the help of DSP. Matt provided workouts focusing on the shoulders and core and incorporating motions in lifts that would be experienced in the game of baseball. There is no one better out there to prepare an athlete for the next level than Matt. Matt maintains communication with both the athlete and the athlete’s parents giving updates on how the workouts are going. He will do anything for his athletes both inside and outside of a workout. He takes pride in what he does and knows how to get the best out of you day in and day out. He’s one of the only trainers that is able to do the exercises he makes his athlete go thru. There’s no one better than Matt and DSP. If you want to become bigger, faster, stronger, and cool then DSP is where it’s at.”

Tyler Koors

Xavier University Starting Pitcher

“I have only been working with Matt for about a year but he has already tremendously helped me in more ways than one. His training is focused on each athlete individually for the sport that he/she does. I first started working with Matt directly after my diving season ended last winter and he helped me get stronger as I shifted my focus to golf. I play golf at the University of Kansas and my workouts at KU don’t come close to comparing to my workouts with DSP. Matt has helped me overcome an injury that put my golf career on hold for about 3 months and while working through that injury, he also helped me gain strength physically and mentally. DSP converts high school athletes to great athletes at the collegiate and professional levels.”

Meghan Potee

University of Kansas Golfer

“Matt has done a great job training me. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. He’s really helped me work on my weaknesses to become a better player on the field. When I first started training with Matt in the fall of 2009, I was kind of stuck. I wasn’t getting much better and I couldn’t figure it out. The following spring, I came out throwing harder than I ever had before and I’ve only continued to improve the more he has trained me. If you workout with Matt, you will get better, there’s no doubt. He knows what he’s doing and there’s a purpose to every workout. It’s a lot of fun working out with him and the other guys he trains, even though the workouts are really challenging. Matt does a great job of pushing me to my limits and it has made me much tougher physically and mentally. You haven’t trained until you’ve trained with DSP. Thanks for everything, Matt.”

Jared Ruxer,

LC Baseball Pitcher

 University of Louisville Commit

“DSP, thank you so much for helping me physically and mentally become a better player and even better person. You’ve proven to me that it’s the smallest details that make the biggest differences in life. I look up to you so much and just have loved the opportunity to train with you for the past three years. I now know that it’s not how big you are, but how functionally strong you are. Thanks again bro!”

Kyle Mackey

“Anybody and anyone who wants to be trained, go with DSP. Best trainer a guy could ask for. Thanks for all your help in making me a stronger and better player. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am right now.”

Travis Carroll

“Working with Matt has definately improved my game. Each exercise we do has is designed to directly relate to the areas I need to strengthen for my game. Beyond his training intellect, he is a great person all around who really cares about his clients. I have been working with Matt for about 2 years now, and I plan to continue even beyond my collegiate athlete days!”

Abby Cotter 

“Matt Dugan has done an outstanding job with our players and program. The benefits for us have been endless. Not only has Matt helped improve our overall strength, quickness, endurance, and flexibility, but his program has improved the overall confidence level of each one of our players.”

Brian Barber

Head Varsity Basketball Coach for the Danville Warriors

Danville Community High School

“…He trains methodically through a tried and proven regimen. I would highly recommend Matt for high level training and preparation for any sport… He is guaranteed to bring out the best in any athlete.”

Joe Pappas

Father of Ari Pappas

Bishop Chatard Varsity Football Tailback

“…He is an athlete that knows what it takes to be successful on the field. Matt takes pride in his job and he is very knowledgable. Each workout with him is different. He focuses on your needs and designs his workouts accordingly… Each hour I spend with Matt feels like an efficient hour.”

Jeff Brown

Semi-Pro Baseball Player

Butler University Assistant Baseball Coach

“My 16 year old son, who is an aspiring high school baseball player has been working with Matt Dugan for the past 4 months. During that short amount of time, we have seen dramatic improvements in his core strength, stamina and coordination. Perhaps more importantly, his self-confidence has skyrocketed. The net result of Matt’s efforts with our son has been an increase in his pitching velocity and strength, which will reduce the risks of injury and increase his chances for success going forward into the baseball season. I would highly recommend Matt to any prospective athlete who needs to improve his strength, power and his confidence.”

Paul Bolin

Father of Brian Bolin

Carmel Varsity Pitcher

“Matt Dugan came highly recommended to my son, Jimmy, who played football, basketball and lacrosse for Bishop Chatard High School, and now plays football for Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During the brief periods Jimmy is home, he makes an effort to workout with Matt. Matt is up to speed on best workout practices, and is versatile to craft the type of workout Jimmy may need at the time. I would highly recommend Matt to any high school or college athlete who wants to achieve the best possible workout for their time and money.”

John Scheidler

Father of Jimmy Scheidler

Bowling Green State University Football Tight End/Full Back

“Because of overlapping sports seasons, my son has never been able to string together many months dedicated strictly to strength training. Finally, this past June, he began working with Matt Dugan three times a week, focusing on strength and agility. Five months later, Alex had gained about 7 pounds of muscle and his body looked very much different than when he had started. He was primarily strength training for baseball and there was an obvious difference in force he was able to bring to bear when swinging the bat. Not only that, but Matt, though pushing the kids to their respective limits, does it in such a way that they don’t mind going to work out. I can tell you that this has not always been the case and makes a big difference with my son. Within a couple of months of the time Alex started working out with Matt, I had referred his services to several other baseball parents and I continue to recommend him without hesitation.”

Mark Wright

Father of Alex Wright

Cathedral Varsity Baseball Player

“From day one in the summer, Tyler Weaver worked hard and got stronger and stronger. He worked with one of our former players, Matt Dugan, on his strength and flexibility and being more explosive. That work helped Tyler mature as an athlete.”

Danville Varsity Basketball Coach Brian Barber

Hendricks County Star

“My name is Emily Podzielinski and I [was] a senior at Noblesville High School. While attending Noblesville, I played varsity golf for the past three years. A little over a year ago, I began training with Matt Dugan because I wanted to take my golf game to the next level. Matt’s intense and useful workouts have been extremely beneficial to my success this past year on the course, which included qualifying for the U.S. Girls Jr. and placing second in the IHSAA State Finals. He has helped me become stronger which has in turn improved my overall hitting distance and stamina. I will continue to train with Matt until August and then will head to Eastern Michigan University to pursue my golfing career. Matt is a great guy and a motivating individual to train with. I strongly recommend any golfer who wants to enhance their game to take advantage of Matt’s expertise and ability to train effectively. With hard work, determination, and Matt’s help I was able to accomplish all my goals this past year and can’t wait to see what this coming year will bring.”

Emily Podzielisnki

University of Arkansas Golfer

“Matt has been working with my son Kevin for the past six months on a program specifically designed to maximize his abilities in baseball. In addition to the exceptional quality of Matt’s customized training program, the personal interest that Matt taken in Kevin’s progress has greatly exceeded our expectations. Matt not only does an exceptional job of teaching proper technique and explaining why they are doing each exercise and the benefits that will be derived, but he has the unique ability of making it fun.”

Kevin Bower

Father of Kevin Bower, Cathedral Baseball

“I came to Matt shortly after I had career threatening surgery on my right shoulder. Since working with him he has put me back on the field in peak performance. I bought into the workouts and the plan. They have paid off immensely Im able to get the most out of my strength on the field and more since working with him. He has sport specific workout programs that will benefit you to the fullest. No Two workouts are the same and your body is always in wonder and never gets used to the workouts, helping you to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger. Thats the name of the game! I personally have gained more strength and muscle mass, as well as muscle endurance. Not to mention I am total body strong from big muscles to my stabilizer muscles. My shoulder is stronger now then ever before. I’m definitely happy I chose to come to Matt he has helped me get back on the field and helped me perform to my fullest and above my competition.”

Jason Quarles

Former Professional Baseball Player in Pittsburgh Pirates Organization

“You have literally been there through the entire process from day one and…more to come. Your astute suspicion of the posterior labrum tear early on had us impressed as it was done simply in pre-conditioning Harrison for the intense workouts to come.

What has remarkably stood out is the collaborative effort you have with Dr Agrawal, Mike Snyder throughout the entire process. From day one each professional was in contact with each other on Harrison’s status and what they should be working on or aware of as he rotated from one to the other during the long process back. We would literally go from one appointment with Dr. Agrawal or Mike Snyder to a workout with you and you already knew the results from the first appointment and what to proceed with next in his rehab. The communication with Harrison and us as parents has always been blunt as to the realities but in a manner that helped a competitive 16 year old understand the hardest part of such a surgery – patience. Through your (and the teams) communication you helped Harrison understand that the slow and steady approach to getting back was in his best long term interest for 100% success. Not easy to take off 17 months from the field when it has been your passion from an early age. You always had a sense when Harrison needed a supportive shoulder or a kick in the rear to motivate through the process. (It was always one tough workout when it was the kick in the rear…ha ha ha) As a player and family who has gone through the entire surgery / rehab cycle – we can not support strongly enough your message to train/rehab the right way – even though it may be longer in time. It is amazing in looking back – and being even more aware of proper training, pitching mechanics and habits – how much mis-information there is on training and pitching mechanics. Internet alone has likely fostered this misinformation overload. A very simple test as to the validity of information is in results and performance. The fact that you are in such close communication with these other professionals has created a natural check and balance system to verify the validity of the training, rehab and surgical methods in place. For results – Harrison is back and 100% healthy – although still taking a cautious approach this year on the field. However, for 17 months off – he is pitching well and you can tell the strength increase in all areas of his game. Absolutely zero shoulder issues. How just a matter of taking the summer to shake off the remaining rust from his game and continue the workouts. To this day Harrison continues to look forward to his work outs with you and has every intention of training with you for a long time. That says a lot – an athlete not dreading the work out day but looking forward to it! The body transformation that has occurred throughout a rehab process has been significant. You have not only helped Harrison put on core muscle and coordination in a sport specific manner but have educated him on nutrition, proper form and set long term goals. It is working so well that the original goal of 6-4 220 the two of you set may need to be adjusted – through the hard work Harrison has just about hit this in one year. Hopefully you can share our experience in your efforts to PREVENT these injuries for others. Would not wish these surgeries on anyone thus always feel free to use Harrison’s experience in a preventative manner.”

Todd Downing

Father of Harrison, Bishop Chatard Baseball Player

“Travis starting working with Matt Dugan when he was a freshman in High School. Matt has tailored individual workouts specifically for Travis to help him build strength. He continues to design workouts for Travis as his strength and goals have progressed. We have seen huge improvements in his core strength, flexibility and even his stamina. Travis is now going into his senior year and will continue to work out with Matt. Travis has committed to play basketball at Purdue University and will continue working with Matt through-out his senior year, in preparation for Purdue. I would highly recommend Matt Dugan to any athlete that wants to make it to the next level.”

Denny Carroll, Father of Travis Carroll

Danville HS basketball player and Purdue Recruit