Dugans Sports Performance | About Us
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About Us

Dugan’s Sports Performance

DSP has a driving goal to help the serious athlete achieve their highest potential by combining sports specific programs and functional training that will enhance all areas of athletic performance. Understanding that movement transcends all sports, DSP’s comprehensive training methods are designed for the most effective approach of optimizing movement, speed, strength, power, balance, functional flexibility, core stability, explosion and recovery.

By offering specific programs designed to get specific results and training athletes beyond what they have already done, we stimulate growth in their athletic performance. The emphasis starts with building a solid foundation of functional strength.


Starting with an efficient position, the athlete is challenged to maintain the correct posture and stability while adding small movements and resistance. Resistance can be a stability ball, medicine ball, or anything that can be added as an external force.

Once the foundation has been established, we can break the athlete down into sport specific lifting, speed, and agility programs that will help the athlete reach a higher level of competition.

These programs were designed and developed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s athlete, an athlete who strives for an edge on the competition.